The Ultimate Guide To Navigating The Wellness Industry

The Ultimate Guide To Navigating The Wellness Industry

It’s hard to have missed the rise of wellness over the last 5 – 8 years. Once brushed off as a voodoo practice and a bit ‘woo-woo’, it is now globally accepted and welcomed, reaching even the far corners of the corporate world where it’s having a serious impact.

With this explosion of the industry, which has recently been valued at an incredible $4.2 trillion (GWI), has come a vast swathe of new career opportunities for people who are passionate about wellness and who want to develop a career in the space. But for most, the wellness industry remains shrouded in mystery.

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So what does this evolution of the wellness industry mean for career opportunities and how do you navigate them?

For starters, it would help to understand the makeup of the industry, how the industry is segmented into different industry categories and the different job areas that are available to you. Understanding this will help you navigate your career transition or development with ease, confidence and know how.

The great news is, Welltodo Careers has done all the hard work for you! We’ve spent the last 5 years placed truly at the heart of the wellness industry, building up our network, our knowledge of the space and distinguishing ourselves as experts in the business of wellness. We’re now ready to share this all with you through our new website and show you how to get the most out of it.

Do you want to have visibility on all the different wellness sectors?

Check out our summary below and use our Industry Categories function to see some of the leading companies in each space. Remember, we will be continually adding to this list so be sure to visit us regularly!

The leading wellness industry categories:
  • Agencies & Services, Athleisure & Fashion, Cafes & Restaurants
  • Corporate Wellness, Education & Training, Food & Beverage
  • Festivals & Events, Fitness, Media & Publishing
  • Meditation & Mindfulness, Natural Beauty & Body, Nutrition
  • Technology, Therapies, Travel & Hotels
  • Wellness Centres & Clubs, Wholesale & Retail Trade, Yoga

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What jobs are there in the wellness industry?

Many people still think that to work in wellness means to be a Personal Trainer or Yoga Teacher, and these are both awesome career paths in the wellness industry (and ones we list on this website). But we are passionate about helping people to see that there are more classic, corporate opportunities in wellness too.

Top Tip: Play around with our ‘Job Function’ filter to see all the job opportunities.

Here’s a summary of what these job functions, which are all essential companies in the wellness industry, are:
  • Administration, Content & Social Media, Creative (Design, Photography etc)
  • Customer Services & Support, Consultancy & Expert Services, Digital & Ecommerce
  • Events, Finance & Legal, People & Culture
  • IT & Technical, Instructing, Teaching & Training, Marketing, PR & Communications
  • Operations & Management, Product Development & Supply Chain, Project Management
  • Research & Analysis, Retail Management, Sales

If you are someone who lives and breathes wellness then you can now work in it too. You don’t have to retrain, you don’t have to take a pay cut, you don’t have to start from scratch!

Take a look at the list above. You can repurpose the skills and experience you have developed to date, and apply all of these to the wellness industry. The wellness industry needs talented people like you!

It’s important to understand what career path you want to forge in the wellness industry.

Our final piece of advice for navigating the wellness industry is to navigate yourself. Stick with us, this is going somewhere.

It is important to know and understand the many facets of the exciting wellness industry, but the industry is now a behemoth and you don’t have to tackle all of it.  What you do need to do is understand which area (i.e. which industry category) lights you up and get a handle on your personal set of skills. At this intersection (the intersection of your passions and strengths) lies a route into the wellness industry for you. And it also happens to be the route to a fulfilling and successful career.

So…do the work, do the self-reflection and personal discovery then use the knowledge as a flashlight to focus in on the parts of the wellness industry relevant to you.

If you want to work in the wellness industry and need support with navigating the wellness industry (or figuring out how to apply your existing skill set), check out our 8-week online career course: Work in Wellness where we can support you more deeply.

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