5 Key Reasons You Should Work In The Wellness Industry

5 Key Reasons You Should Work In The Wellness Industry

If you’re currently working in an industry where you feel unfulfilled and disconnected, where you’re slaving away to a corporate giant and you know something needs to change…a career in the wellness industry could be your answer. Here we take a closer look at the reasons why wellness is the place to be right now, career-wise:

1. The rise and rise of the wellness industry

Wellness is a burgeoning industry driven by products and services that improve and elevate peoples lives. It spans a growing number of markets, putting its own unique spin on already established sectors such as technology and food, in addition to defining and creating its very own sectors including the boutique fitness industry, athleisure and corporate wellness.

With its focus on prevention, the growth and size of the global wellness market has even exceeded its healthcare counterpart, with it now reportedly being at least three times larger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry (GWI).

With this growth of the wellness industry has come an explosion of opportunities in the most varied, exciting and meaningful group of companies. From a commercial standpoint, the wellness industry isn’t going anywhere and this means long-term career opportunities for all of you.

2. The professionalism of the industry

With growth, inevitably, has come the professionalism of the industry. Once made up of mostly independent companies and a thriving start-up scene, the industry has now evolved. The start-ups have grown up and global internationals have rebranded, evolved and adapted – think Technogym and Les Mills. This means the size of organisations within the industry have blossomed, requiring more processes, operations and professionalism.

Another development indicative of professionalism can be seen in how the wellness industry is now starting to be serviced – Bird&Bird, an international law firm, has its very own wellness task force (a team of lawyers dedicated to providing corporate services specifically to wellness companies) and Welltodo Careers offers a first of its kind, dedicated recruitment platform for the wellness industry (a curated platform for companies in wellness to attract top talent).

This professionalism of the industry is good news if you’re looking for a profession in the space. It means more structure, more stability, more routes to entry, more variety and more chances for you to develop an amazing wellness career.

3. There’s something for everyone

Whilst the wellness industry has grown and many of the start-ups have evolved into larger organisations, we are still seeing a constant flow of new start-ups emerging. This not only underpins the industry’s continued growth –– and means fantastic variety in the types of companies you can work for within the wellness industry (start-up/ established/ multi-national) –– it also means there’s a fantastic array of career opportunities out there too.

No longer do you have to train as a Yoga Teacher or Personal Trainer to enjoy a career in wellness. Even the most corporate of positions such as lawyers and accountants have a niche in the industry. Anyone can work in the wellness industry, the variety of career opportunities caters to you all!

4. Fulfilment at your fingertips

Ok so we’ve spoken about the business side of things, but let’s get to the real stuff. The reasons why. The motivations. The feels.

At the heart of wellness is the mission of improving peoples’ lives, the vision of a better world. With goodness being the driving force of the industry (and so much variety now on offer in terms of opportunities) whatever your personal passions, whatever your internal motivations, we guarantee there is a company/industry category in wellness that complements these desires.

Additionally, a fulfilling career in the wellness industry is no longer reserved for the types of scenarios where you get paid peanuts but it’s for a good cause… the growth and professionalism of the industry means that you can work for a company and/or in a role that truly gives you meaning, whilst also getting paid what you deserve; this is the ultimate and sustainable career fulfilment.

5. Flexible working

Our fifth and final point is about flexibility within your career. In this case, when we talk about flexibility, we mean; being able to work part-time, reduced hours, alternative working hours etc. based on how you function best and the opportunity to work from home.

In the modern world of work, flexibility is a growing offering and, in our experience, nowhere is it more prevalent and supported than in the wellness industry. Furthermore, in our opinion there can often be a strong correlation between a fantastically flexible working arrangement and the company offering it being a startup. With startups being, generally, less likely to offer the big salaries, this means that often, flexible working can be correlated with lower salaries.

All that being said, this is ultimately about choice and priorities. Flexible working can often mean so much more to someone than a higher salary. The value of that flexibility and what it gives that person (more time with their children, an easier home life, less commuting, more time to work on personal projects) can go way beyond an extra £5k, and therefore be a higher priority to them than the money.

What this translates to is an industry where you can at least have the option of more flexibility. And who doesn’t want more freedom of choice in their lives?

If you’re still in any doubt about a career in the wellness industry, have a read through some of our real-life wellness career stories where some incredible people share details about their wellness career experiences and what life in the industry looks and feels like.

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