5 Ways To Find A Job In Wellness – Faster!

There are so many incredible opportunities in the wellness industry right now – whether you have recently completed some training OR you want to transfer your existing professional skills into the wellness industry.

One of the key things we like to remind people, finding a job in the wellness industry might not mean you need to start at the bottom, or reinvent yourself. Sometimes, finding job fulfillment just means transitioning into an industry that lights you up – and for many people, the wellness industry provides just that. 

So – here are 5 ways you can fast track your job search in wellness today.

1. First thing’s first

Get clear on what you like and dislike about your current career path. Seems obvious, right? But is it something you’ve actually sat down and done? Sometimes we know that we’re unhappy in our current job or career (or aren’t necessarily unhappy – perhaps just unfulfilled), but aren’t really sure why.

There are often aspects of our existing career that we do like, which are just as important to hone in on. Knowing what you do like about your job will form the basis of your ‘search criteria’ if/when you decide to make a move.

2. Figure out what your career values are – and what success looks like for you

There are so many ways to measure career success other than the obvious ones – like remuneration, title or progression opportunities.

You might realise through this exercise, that success for you is also defined by things like: fulfilment, feeling in control of your day, flexibility or the little things like yoga at the office, being able to bring your dog to work, working with like-minded people, or having access to company equity.

3. Knowing what the wellness industry landscape actually looks like

This means that you can broaden your idea of what “a job in the wellness industry” actually looks like.

A good place to start is to look at the “industry categories” that we outline here on Welltodo Careers (you can use the filters on the Search Jobs or Explore Companies page to see these). You’ll soon discover that there are many, many aspects of the wellness industry – and you’ll be able to decide which category to focus your attention on.

4. Tailor your CV

Take your time to tailor your CV and cover letters to really showcase your passion for the wellness industry – including any knowledge or experience you’ve developed through the process of researching the industry. Also, if you don’t have any direct experience in the wellness industry, then you can compensate for this through expressing your knowledge of, and interest in, the industry itself. If you regularly attend festivals or industry events, let your future employer know. If your hobbies and interest are wellness-related, say so! Explain why you want to work in wellness.

Also, think about your actual skills once you remove your job title from the equation and emphasise these – for example, are you a good negotiator, are you analytical, or a strong leader? Use real examples to showcase these skills from your past experience. 

5. Start building your network

If you haven’t already, start to build your network in the industry by attending regular events (online or offline), connecting with people via LinkedIn, joining groups on LinkedIn or Facebook, and developing your personal brand to reflect your passion for the industry. This doesn’t mean you need to be a “social media influencer” – it just means spending time building relationships with key people in the industry that are doing what you’d like to do, working for companies you’d like to work for, etc. 

Want more smart strategies to help fast track your career?


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