8 Ways To Improve Your CV

8 Ways To Improve Your CV, Get Noticed And Get The Job In Wellness

By Michelle Ashby & Jenny Wilson

We hear all the time from people wanting to make the move into the wellness industry, but feeling as though they won’t stand out because of a lack of industry experience.

The secret? 

It’s simple. Make your profile stand out, get the attention of the recruiter, and let them get to know exactly who you are.

There’s a saying that goes; “do what you love, love what you do”. Essentially, if you can turn your hobby into your job then you will never do a day’s work in your life again. Imagine being able to combine your passion with your professional experience and then doing something you love, everyday!

So, how do you make your CV stand out in a competitive marketplace? 

Here are some of our top tips for getting both you and your CV noticed when trying to move into a new industry.



  1. Don’t just rely on applying to job adverts as your way of finding a new role. Be proactive in your search. Connect on LinkedIn with relevant hiring managers. Try and reach out to those who have visibly changed industries themselves – and don’t be afraid to ask for their advice on how they did it.
  2. What’s going on in the industry you are trying to move into? Read articles, sign up for industry insights, listen to career and industry-focused podcasts. Immerse yourself in understanding more about your chosen field.
  3. Are there any events coming up in your area in relation to this industry? Talks and networking events are perfect ways of connecting with like-minded people and improving your chances of building your network faster.


  1. On average, a hiring manager or recruiter will review a CV for 5-10 seconds to assess if you are right for the role, meaning your key selling points must jump out.
  2. Identify your transferable skills. What have your strengths been in previous roles? Could these skills be utilised in a different industry?
  3. Include a tailored personal profile at the start depending on who you apply to, outlining your motivations, key strengths and reasons for wishing to transfer across industries. This profile should link well to your cover letter which again, should be role specific.
  4. CV layout – clear and concise. Bullet point key successes (i.e. increased sales by 25%). Avoid using photos, pictures and logos.
  5. Lastly; any gaps in your CV are where recruiters can become sceptical. If you were taking some time out between jobs, is there a way of making this a positive talking point? For example, can you explain what you did during this time and most importantly, what did you learn about yourself?

Good Luck!


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