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5 Of The Fastest Growing Areas Of Wellness To Work In Right Now

With the global wellness industry now being worth an estimated $4.5 trillion (according to GWI). That’s a big number – which is why it’s so valuable to start breaking the industry down into key sub-categories in order to really understand your career opportunities.

A successful career transition starts with getting clarity on why you want to work in wellness, which area of wellness you want to work in, and what you want to do. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be in that order!

We’ve talked in an earlier piece about getting clear on your why, so the next question is which area of wellness you want to work in. 

Here we’re spotlight some of the most exciting areas of the wellness industry right now.

CBD is an exploding industry – and there are so many cool new startups emerging in this space. Cannabis is heavily regulated so brands need to be very careful with claims they make and where/how they sell their products – but the whole industry segment is ripe with innovation. 

Some cool CBD brands to explore: Standard Dose, Recess, Botanic Lab and Good Hemp

Connected and digital fitness is also exploding – and with current world events like COVID-19, the digital revolution for fitness has been massively fast-tracked. As technology continues to drive innovation in this space, we are seeing more apps, wearable devices and at-home connected fitness devices than ever before. 

Some cool digital fitness brands to explore: Mirror, Peloton, Tonal, FIIT and Les Mills

Skincare is getting a wellness makeover – this means that non-toxic/clean, cruelty-free, vegan beauty is the new normal and brands in this space are reinventing themselves if this isn’t already a primary agenda. It’s an area of huge growth amongst new and exciting startups who are targeting (or integrating into marketing campaigns) the often forgotten audiences like Minority Groups or Generation Z. 

Some cool skincare brands to explore: Noto Botanics, Tata Harper, Bybi, NEOM Organics, and Starface

Sleep is firmly on the agenda – with a recent explosion in mattress companies and with Ariana Huffington blowing her trumpet for the importance of sleep, this has become somewhat of a “hot spot” for wellness. It means a plethora of new brands emerging with sleeping well at their core – and since every person on earth does it, it’s a big business. 

Some cool sleep brands to explore: Casper, Brooklinen, ThisWorks, and Avocado Green Mattress.

Sexual wellness is 2020’s red hot topic – it’s trending (and not just because it’s taboo). A recent explosion in the conversation about sexual wellness has led to the launch of some interesting brands across tech – from apps to help you get more intimate, to devices that do the heavy lifting for you. Again, a market that looks to be only really just getting started. 

Some cool brands to explore: Lover App, Smile Makers, Dame and Lelo


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