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We help people, teams and companies to Work Better.
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About Push Mind and Body

PUSH is a Business Consultancy grounded in human behaviour.

We answer business problems with people focused solutions.

Together we help people, teams and companies work better.

We are the market leading business consultancy within our field, having delivered tangible and proven difference in companies. We have delivered shifts in engagement, decreases in attrition and increases in productivity. More than anything though, we have helped shape some brilliant places to work where people can create career-defining work. Because there is no denying that having energised, motivated and happy people make great business sense.

We tailor programmes that draw on our six areas of people-focused expertise: Corporate Wellness, Mental Health, Corporate Culture, Change, Performance and Leadership. We realised that in order to create genuine change and performance of people and companies, we needed to see past the ‘symptoms’, to get to the cause itself, otherwise you are simply paper over the cracks.

Our Key Values

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Our Story So Far

For almost two decades PUSH Founder Cate Murden enjoyed an exciting, fast-paced career in media. She worked with some brilliant people in some amazing teams and rose to the position of Head of Partnerships at one of London’s largest, most successful media agencies.

However, the demands of the job took its toll and in July 2014 Cate was signed off work with stress.

Fortunately, she survived this challenging period and, armed with newly found insight borne from this firsthand experience, Cate launched PUSH, determined to help businesses help their employees. It is not necessary for any individual to experience what she did and we believe that organisations can be both the cause and the cure.

The world is moving at an incredible pace and we all seem busier than ever, yet productivity doesn’t appear to have increased in equal measure. Where’s the sense in that? But if we can help both the people and the teams and organisations that they work within, work better, then there’ll be less stress, less burn-out, less unnecessary costs and more profit.

Because having energised, motivated and happy people makes great business sense.

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London, United Kingdom

Cate Murden