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We specialise in wellness treatments for sports recovery, pain management and for beauty benefits
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About LondonCryo

At LondonCryo we give our clients the chance to recover, rejuvenate and boost their physical and mental wellness.

How?  We have new state of the art equipment, new treatments and more ways to get you to optimise your health that has continues to be successful in making our clients look good, feel better and predominately perform at their best.

At LondonCryo, we specialise in whole body cryotherapy for sports recovery, pain management and for beauty benefits. We have also had great success with our CryoSkin slimming, toning, Cryo facelifts and double chin treatments, sauna, photobiomodulation and IV drip service.

Our Key Values

We take pride in making our clients feel good, so they look good and perform at their best.

We value of team and are always looking for ways for them to be their best to perform at their best.

Customer Service is also very important to us. We are known for our excellent service.

Our Story So Far

A native of Melbourne, Australia, Maria is one of the UK’s leading wellness practitioners who has pioneered a range of treatments and therapies in the London since 2016.

She is a mother of two, as well as a health and fitness enthusiast who has completed five marathons and is training for her sixth race in 2021.

While trying to keep up her fitness routine, Maria noticed she wasn’t recovering as quickly as before, and was more susceptible to injury as she waved goodbye to her thirties...

While visiting New York City, Maria gave Whole Body Cryotherapy a try and found a number of physical benefits including a quicker recovery from training and that it made her feel clear-headed and happy due to the endorphins that are released as part of the bodies natural response to the treatment.

Fascinated by the physical and mental uplift, and wanting to be able to add to her life, as well as give others the chance to benefit from cryotherapy, Maria gave up her job in the City of London and set up LONDONCRYO.

Her goal was simple, to make cryotherapy and a range of other leading wellness treatments available to people of all ages who wanted to improve their recovery from training as well as their wider wellbeing too.

She writes regularly on a range of wellness and related topics and after 4 years of founding LONDONCRYO Maria continues to apply her extensive knowledge and invest in innovative treatments to improve her clients mental and physical health.

Company Details

London, United Kingdom

Maria Ensabella, Founder and Owner

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