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About Life + Me

“Life + Me is a newly-launched site that brings together beautiful products, curated articles and mood-enhancing experiences that all have a focus on personal wellbeing. You can shop, read, find inspiration, whatever you need – this is a portal that will guide you away from self-sabotage and self-criticism and towards self-care instead, and we love it!” – Emerald Street / Stylist Loves

On a mission to reposition mental wellbeing for the everyday wo/man, Life + Me is the first online retail destination of its kind dedicated to positive living. The beautifully presented marketplace store encourages self-discovery through a curated collection of products and experiences, all designed to enhance mental wellbeing and personal growth.

Actionable inspiration and practical guidance sit side-by-side with the retail offer, allowing our customers to self-educate on the core ideas and concepts that underpin the products and services we showcase. They can discover a hub of trusted wellbeing content that is carefully curated to suggest suitable products and solutions, or simply to inspire new ways of thinking.

Our passion is to empower individuals to discover and adopt their own ways of supporting their mental wellbeing. Ultimately, it is a place to discover what makes them FEEL good.

Discover at www.lifeandme.com | Connect with us @lifeandmeuk

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