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Yoga franchise business looking for a new team member to join & help grow our network of franchisees
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About Hotpod Yoga

Hotpod Yoga is Europe’s largest yoga business. Having grown to 58 sites across 8 countries and a customer base of over 500,000 people in only 10 years, the company is growing fast and is full of ambition. While the business has made great progress, we also recognise that we’ve got a long way to go. If we’re to grow into a household name in key markets, and become one of the leading names in the fitness industry, we need to build a genuinely powerful brand with a team of highly talented people at its core.

There are three things that really define us as a brand:

  • Our pods- innovative, immersive, beautiful, portable hot yoga spaces
  • Our approach- taking yoga out of it’s niche and into the mainstream, our yoga is designed for real life Our empowering franchise network- giving yoga instructors around the world the opportunity to run their own yoga business, supported by our brand, team and infrastructure
  • Our values- We’re a pretty value-driven business. That kind of goes with the territory, but it’s also something that we have a responsibility to uphold – for our franchisees and all those associated with our brand. Forging that perfect balance of commercial drive and strong ethics is key to what we do.

What can we offer?

We’re doing something genuinely innovative in an exciting space with a great impact and a real sense of ambition. We’ve grown a Hotpod Family of hundreds of people (before you even get to our customers) – and we’re looking for new team members to come join us right at the core of that.

What is our culture like?

We’re a small team (15 in the core HQ team) who love what we do, happen to think yoga is pretty great and are very excited about what we’re creating. We’re flexible in how we work, want all our team to really feel that they’re part of something special and to ensure that getting up on Monday is an utter joy! We’re pro-development and innovation, so we encourage new ideas and continuous improvement – we’re incredibly ambitious with what we’re doing and encourage our team to share that ambition, so it’s a fast-paced environment and we work hard to achieving our collective potential.

Company Details

London, United Kingdom

Max Henderson & Nick Higgins

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