The home of London's Dynamic Pilates, leaders of the boutique fitness revolution since 2007.
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About Heartcore

Pioneering the boutique fitness scene since 2007, Heartcore thrives today with ten iconic London studios, a strong, inspirational and powerful ‘glocal’ community, and an amazing team of skilled, compassionate and magical people. Founded on a spirit of passion and care, Heartcore prides itself in creating exceptional experiences on every level with a powerful soul-to-soul culture and a strong focus on alignment, both physically and emotionally. Redefining mind + body movement through our award-winning Dynamic Pilates method, our approach to fitness is accessible, effective, smart, welcoming, and inclusive… putting the Heart to the Core!

Dynamic CoreFormer™ Pilates – Strength + Conditioning (TRX and Kettlebells) – Indoor-Cycling – Dynamic and Restorative Yoga – Barre and Ritual – Personalised Training – Workshops and Events.

Our Key Values

Power of Mind & Body

Social Power of Integrity

Power of Inspiration

Power of Presence

Our Story So Far

Founded over 12 years ago, we’re the proud creators of London’s fitness and wellness scene, with one simple goal: to touch lives.That spirit of care has formed the powerful blueprint for everything we do at Heartcore. With an amazing team of compassionate and magical people, finely designed and effective training methods, and truly iconic studios; Heartcore is home to a genuinely positive, energised and welcoming soul-to-soul culture.“ … After all, you won’t remember ten years from now exactly how much you weighed or what size trousers you wore, but you will remember how you feel about yourself, what brings you joy, and gives you confidence and strength. We want Heartcore to be one of those things in your life.” Love, Jess x

Behind the scenes

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London, United Kingdom

Jess Schuring