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The Modern Evolution of Hot Yoga
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About Fierce Grace Yoga

Imagine if all yoga styles came together and forgot their differences.

Brought the best of who they were to the table. Recruited the help of physiotherapy, meditation and fitness experts.

And this movement brought unity and freedom to people – creating a new way to move and be.

Welcome to Fierce Grace

Our Key Values

  • Inclusive
  • Bold
  • Adventurous
  • Authentic
  • Balance

Our Story So Far

The Fierce Grace Yoga Method
Fierce Grace is a fresh look at classical yoga.

12 Interconnected classes provide the full spectrum of yoga movements and energies and deliver core and upper body strength, the deepest stretching, breath awareness, stamina building and weight loss.

12 foundation poses appear in all the classes in various forms to keep you safe and progressing fast. A unique blend of all yoga styles, HiiT, Pilates and slow strength Fierce Grace enables you to achieve the ultimate combination of strength and flexibility for both body and mind.

Gone is the need to mix and match unrelated workouts to get the variety the body craves.

Our classes have been expertly sequenced to suit every level, schedule, need and mood.

What we do
We introduced hot yoga to the UK & Europe in 1994 opening the first Hot Yoga studio in the UK in 2000. Our 20 years’ experience knowing what our clients like, bring you the Fierce Grace method in an authentic, enjoyable way through the best teachers, most beautiful facilities and our expansive yoga community.

We never sought expansion, but others saw what we were doing and wanted to join us.

We now have studios worldwide and Fierce Grace is offered in other studios locations across the globe.

Meanwhile our Retreats and our Teacher Training attract people from all walks of life.

Company Details

London, United Kingdom
  • New York, United States
  • New York, United States
  • Queenstown, New Zealand
  • Roma, Italy

Michele Pernetta

(Fiercely) Independent

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