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Sadie Goodson: From Fashion Retail to Head of Brand Communication & Marketing at Balance Festival

Having worked for 12 years in the fashion retail industry, in various marketing roles within different company structures, Sadie Goodson began to realise she’d lost her spark. 

Everything she loved; taking part in running races around Europe, learning Pilates, going back to school to study Sports Massage, was teaching her bit by bit that the wellness industry was where she belonged. And after attending a Welltodo event, designed to help people find a fulfilling job in the wellness industry, she was given the boost of confidence she needed to make a change.

Despite her doubts, Sadie embraced the unknown as she explored marketing roles within the wellness industry, made connections with brands she admired and upskilled herself through studies and educational events. Her proactive attitude and resilience eventually leading her to her current position –– Head of Brand Communication & Marketing at Balance Festival. Today, she’s responsible for all of the company’s marketing channels online & offline, PR, festival programming and influencer community management

With no such thing as an average day at Balance Festival, Sadie is kept on her toes. But with her passion well and truly back she’s relishing every new challenge.

Here Sadie discusses the ways in which she overcame her limiting thoughts, the importance of utilising existing skills to get ahead, and why the bigger picture always counts………

What did your initial leap into the wellness industry look like?

I came along to a talk one evening that Welltodo was hosting at Frame studios. I heard Lauren speak about how a shift into the world of wellness didn’t need to be a 360-degree change for everyone – and that so many skills are completely transferrable. It gave me the courage I needed to start exploring marketing roles outside of the industry I’d grown with, in my existing career.

Are there any crucial steps you took that got you to where you are today?

I started speaking to others about their ‘side hustles’ and began attending events where I would meet like-minded people. If that isn’t possible for someone, I would suggest following brands, businesses and even influencers you admire on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

I also tried college open days and evenings, which allowed me to ask as many questions as possible.

What did your transition from the world of PR to wellness really entail?

I think I’ve been transitioning for 3 or 4 years, and I’ll probably continue on this journey for a long time to come. 

Initially, I did a lot of studying alongside my day job whilst I was deciding what I wanted to do. It wasn’t necessary for my job at Balance Festival, but it did lead me to this role. Marketing was always my strength and passion, but learning about anatomy and physiology and the benefits of exercise and movement gave me so much joy, and ultimately made me realise the retail world wasn’t for me anymore. 

At the start, I felt very out of my comfort zone at Balance Festival. I was visiting studios, speaking with high profile influencers, and directing the digital marketing strategy in this new world of wellness and it was incredibly daunting. But then I got over my imposter syndrome and started to relish every new challenge.

Are there any key challenges you faced along the way?

The biggest challenge for me has been the change in scale of the team I work with. We’re a tiny team at Balance Festival and delegation isn’t really a thing. It has meant rolling up my sleeves and seeing through every decision, plan and project. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, but on the flip side, it’s incredibly rewarding when you pull off a marketing campaign for an event as big as Balance Festival.

Which of your previous skills does your job at Balance Festival require of you?

Aside from the core marketing skills, my attention to detail is key in this role as everything needs to be seen through to the end. I’m happy to work flexibly which is always important (deadlines creep up out of nowhere), and I’m good at constantly re-prioritising. I’ve realised that perfectionism can take you so far, but it pays to keep one eye on the bigger picture.

Why do you love working in the wellness industry?

What I love the most is seeing someone else flourish. If a person tries breathwork for the first time and it helps with their anxiety levels if they learn about mindfulness and it helps them to focus their busy thoughts, if they try a yoga class and it gives them a happy afterglow, or if they just took a chance on learning something new and it changed their point of view. Wellness can be seen by some as an intimidating word that doesn’t make space for everyone, but I want to change that.

And finally, what’s your main piece of advice for someone looking to work in the wellness industry?

Take it slow, do research, build your network, and don’t expect to get it all figured out straight away.



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