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About UpCircle

Nature gives us lots of wonderful ingredients that make our skin healthier and more radiant – like used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices. But they often end up going to landfill. Why should all that good stuff go to waste? It shouldn’t. That’s why, at UpCircle, we elevate leftover natural ingredients, bringing them back to life as beauty products your skin will love. That's all round better skincare.

Job Description

The original ingredient that inspired us to launch our brand was coffee, which we’ve been collecting from our coffee shop partners across London since day one. We’ve collected 350 tonnes of coffee so far, which has been meticulously processed by us, before being transformed into our signature coffee scrub range.

We’re now selling so many scrubs that we need someone to be specifically focused on helping us to process the coffee that we’ve collected, getting it ready to be sent of to our manufacturers who add in the rest of the ingredients.
We’re looking for someone who is able to work a 15 hour week, three hours a day, any time before noon. The “warehouse” location is our railway arch in Camberwell, South London.

Given that this is a part time role, we are open to the hours being taken in the evening or early morning hours in order to fit around your other potential commitments.

Key Responsibilities

The main sorts of processing required are sieving, drying and sterilising. It’s physical work, but we’re proud that our products are made people instead of machines using simple methods. We do use some machines for mixing, but the bulk of our products are still simply made by real people. This enables us to monitor the process closely to ensure that the end result is skincare of the finest quality. Nothing slips through the net - quite literally!


We're looking for someone to be a passionate advocate of what we stand for and have a burning desire to see an UpCircle product in every home. The reality of this goal requires someone on the ground, receiving our repurposed ingredients in their original form and helping get them ready for our manufacturers. They complete the final stages of the ingredient transformation from life #1 to life #2, as an UpCircle product!

We’re looking for someone self-motivated, energetic, independent, adaptable and efficient. The arch location is managed by Drew who will support you in your role. The rest of the team may be based in a different building, but we’re all working to achieve the same goal.


  • Gain valuable hands-on experience from the get-go
  • Flexible hours, we're open to evening or very early morning - whatever suits you
  • Role is based in Westminster, London
  • Start Date: Immediate
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK

Extra Details

Please send a CV in PDF with a brief intro with why you're applying to [email protected] with the subject "UpCircle Ingredient Processor". Good luck!

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