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About Second Nature

We’re here to help people take control of their health. By bringing together behavioural science, technology, and incredible people, our grand mission is to eradicate the global epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases once and for all.

Our digital habit change programme – delivered digitally through mobile and web apps – helps people to improve their lifestyle, lose weight, and ultimately reduce their risk for conditions such as type 2 diabetes.

We’re also one of the few consumer health brands that are also actively commissioned by the NHS (for us, it’s to help people living with type 2 diabetes).

Our Stage

We have just closed our Series A fundraising (Dec 2019). We have a team of 85 people, which will continue to expand over the coming years.

Job Description

Our Stage:

We recently closed our Series A fundraising (Dec 2019). We have a team of 85 people, which will continue to expand over the coming years. The marketing team currently consists of 5 people (the Head of Marketing, a Growth Marketing Specialist, a Senior Content Marketing Associate, a Senior Social Media Associate, and a Brand Specialist). To date, we’ve largely scaled our acquisition through performance marketing.

You can find out more about working with us here and here.

The role:

Having recently expanded and rapidly growing, we are looking to bring on a full-time junior health writer to help with our increasing need for high-quality content.

Key Responsibilities

  • Research: keeping abreast of the latest research in the health and science space.
  • Health writing: writing new, high quality, evidence-based guides and blog posts for the Second Nature website. The writing will be varied across all aspects of health and wellbeing (nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, mental health).
  • Content marketing: Supporting the Senior Content Marketing Associate in executing a content marketing strategy across all channels (including email, PR, in-app comms, landing page ads) and creating content for all stages of the marketing funnel.
  • SEO: researching search volume and competitors to put forward ideas of the content we should prioritise, optimizing pre-existing content to rank for relevant terms, including internal links between content, updating metadata for each guide.
  • Publishing: Using basic HTML to upload content to Wordpress, learning to make diagrams and infographics to include in the guides, updating metadata for SEO.


Somebody with a biological or medical sciences degree of any level and excellent written English communication skills who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved in all aspects of the company.

  • You have a personal interest in how science can inform health.
  • You have a passion for writing
  • You have some experience condensing large amounts of detailed, technical science into a clear, simple story suitable for a layman audience
  • You have a fiercely critical mindset and pay attention to detail when reading scientific journals and research
  • You spend your spare time investigating the bigger questions within science and health and have a sceptical attitude to research
  • You are smart, ambitious, willing to continually learn.


  • You have a base understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or some experience with it and are willing to become an expert


  • A chance to have your work published across all of the Second Nature channels (website, socials, ads, in the mainstream press)
  • An exciting job at one of the first digital behavioural change programmes ever commissioned by the NHS
  • Exposure to lots of different elements of the development of an early-stage healthcare startup
  • Opportunity to provide direct input into the development of Second Nature
  • Daily inspiration and exposure to lots of interesting and passionate people in our workspace that are also helping to solve important problems
  • A fun opportunity to work in west London
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