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About Rhitrition

Founded by Registered Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, Rhitrition is a leading private nutrition clinic specialising in weight management, eating disorders and sports nutrition.

Our approach will empower you to embrace a healthy way of living through the food you enjoy and the life you lead. Whether you’re striving to lose, gain or maintain weight, we can set you on the right track and monitor your progress. You needn’t be worried about hard to commit to and complicated plans, we’re of the firm belief that getting back to basics and keeping nutrition simple is the easiest way to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Job Description

Rhitrition is London’s leading nutrition clinic and consultancy. Founded by Registered Nutritionist and best-selling author Rhiannon Lambert, we are looking for someone savvy who wants the chance to work with the most innovative brands, drive compelling social media and marketing campaigns and devise effective business development opportunities.

Key Responsibilities


  • Devise marketing strategies
  • Drive social media strategies
  • Analyse and respond to market trends
  • Communicate effectively
  • Write briefs and proposals
  • Negotiate partnerships
  • Manage budgets
  • Manage a team



  • Excellent communication skills:

Communication skills are vital be it via email, telephone or face-to-face meetings, where you will be communicating potential ideas and strategies

  • Social media skills:

You need strong social media skills to enable you to design new strategies to grow relationships with Rhitrition

  • Organisation skills:

You’ll have a great sense of responsibility as you plan and drive campaigns as well as manage budgets - your organisational skills will be invaluable, as will your presentation skills

  • Writing skills:

You’ve got to be comfortable with your writing abilities as you’ll be required to write briefs, proposals and copy



  • Varied workload:

Your role would consist of working on many activities involving the business including the clinic, brand consultancy, books, retreats, podcast and social media.

  • Centre of activity:

You will oversee activity across the business, drive campaigns and manage budgets. This means working with a wide variety of people and being a part of different projects at any one time

  • Great salary:

You have the potential to earn a significant salary, as well as the opportunity to earn bonuses based upon performance.

Extra Details


  • Your qualifications and work experience do not have to be nutrition-related, they should only serve as a demonstration of your work ethic and ambition


  • Typically 9am – 6pm but may include some evenings and weekends.
  • The working hours can be long but the work can be equally enjoyable and rewarding in return.
  • Typical working location is Central London or from home.


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