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About Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices (which must never fall lower than the market price), Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

With Fairtrade you have the power to change the world every day. With simple shopping choices you can get farmers a better deal. And that means they can make their own decisions, control their future and lead the dignified life everyone deserves.

Job Description

Fairtrade Foundation are recruiting for a Senior Media and Communications Manager to join the Public Engagement Directorate. This directorate in the organisation inspires and enables public supporters of Fairtrade to take action, either individually or in their communities through a diverse range of channels and campaigns.  We aim to make public support for Fairtrade as strong and wide ranging as we can. The Media and Communications unit is key to achieving this goal and to ensure people are aware of the difference Fairtrade makes to the lives of farmers and workers around the globe.

The role is a vital and highly visible one within the Foundation. You will join a small high performing team that delivers and promotes compelling stories about Fairtrade, as well as a key role in events such as the Fairtrade Fortnight.

Key Responsibilities


The Role Profile

The post holder will work with the Media & Communications Team on the development, implementation and delivery of an ambitious media and communications strategy. This role will ensure effective communications and media coverage across a range of print, broadcast, digital and social media channels and in building and maintaining relationships with print, broadcast and social media, to ensure impactful coverage of Fairtrade and its positive impact for producers. This role will work to strengthen Fairtrade’s public profile and relevance, in order to engage businesses, the public and other stakeholders in Fairtrade’s mission to transform global trade in favour of disadvantaged producers.

The post holder should be adaptable and reactive with day to day messaging as well as lead in the generation of organisational communications strategy. Through this strategy it will engage the public through effective dissemination of Fairtrade news, PR campaigns, impact stories and content, building relationships with journalists, bloggers and media outlets.

  • Contributes to the development and implementation of the organisation’s media and communications strategy and develops proactive media relations strategies. This role will create and implement communications strategies for specific commodities whilst managing any crisis communications. The post-holder will work closely with colleagues across Policy, Commercial and Public Engagement to implement communications, media and PR plans to build public awareness of and engagement in Fairtrade.
  • Develops and implements appropriate media plans for agreed major campaigns, policy or commercial developments, new programme or partnership initiatives, working alongside internal and external stakeholders, including commissioning and managing work of any freelancers or consultants or liaising with PR agencies as required.
  • Builds and nurtures new and existing relationships with leading journalists, editors, other influencers in news, trade or mainstream print, broadcast and online media, as well as influential bloggers and relevant digital forums, to negotiate and work up coverage. Identifies opportunities for media partnerships where possible
  • Works closely with Senior Digital Manager and Brands & Marketing Team, commission, and deliver engaging producer stories/voice, thought leadership or agenda setting content for the Foundation’s website, blog, third party news or blogging sites, and our social media and digital platforms, and contributes to team’s overall management and responsiveness to conversations on these platforms.
  • Develops ‘big ideas’ that get Fairtrade noticed, wins support for these initiatives with colleagues and other stakeholders, influencers and external agencies, and ensures effective project management and delivery of any agreed media projects across media channels including social media.
  • Pitches and sets up media trips for journalists or other influential figures based on each year’s annual plan, with the aim of delivering cutting edge coverage to take readers to a new level of understanding of Fairtrade whilst diplomatically maintaining producer relations.
  • Works closely with colleagues in Policy & Research team and Copywriter to manage Fairtrade’s messaging library, ensuring clear, consistent and fact-checked material on Fairtrade positions, key FAQs, impact information and producer case studies, with a strong emphasis on communicating genuine producer voices and perspectives.
  • Nurtures and develops ongoing relationships with other stakeholder organisations including licensees and their press teams to position Fairtrade in relation to major developments on Fairtrade products, services, and other key business developments
  • Develops swift responses to breaking news agenda, using appropriate social and traditional media channels (e.g. letters to editors, reactive statements, blogs, tweets, etc.)
  • Ensures reputational issues are managed effectively, working with Head of Media & Communications, and relevant UK and international colleagues to support the team on other reputational management issues as necessary.  Plays a leadership role in supporting Fairtrade International where a media story appears in UK but could be reported on in other international markets.
  • Identifies key news opportunities for Foundation spokespeople to amplify Fairtrade’s voice in relevant topical or current affairs debates, ensuring clear briefing and training of spokespeople.
  • Commissions, edits or directly writes articles and copy relating to key media priorities for placement in external news, magazines or third party websites, as well as for the Foundation’s own website and blog.
  • Contributes to weekly news and social media planning, daily dissemination of media coverage and news analysis, and ongoing monitoring & evaluation of Fairtrade’s reach and response in both mainstream media and key social media channels, to drive effectiveness and impact.
  • Develops and manages agreed budgets for media campaigns and press trips for which responsible, ensuring effective use of resources and accurate budget reporting for the press office.
  • Willingness to take part in ‘out of hours’ duty rota, at least once a month for a week at a time.
  • Supports the management or a Media Officer to help develop and support this role day to day within the team and enhance their capabilities and performance.


Education/ Training

  • Degree level education, or comparable by experience (E)
  • A professional qualification or evidence of training in journalism, media or PR (E)


  • A solid track record of working in a press office or as a journalist (E)
  • Proven experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of media strategies to achieve national or international media coverage (E)
  • Experience of managing organisational communications including responsibility for strategic messaging development and delivery (E)
  • Experience of developing media campaigns in a sector relevant to Fairtrade’s vision and mission e.g. NGO campaigning, business or retail, international development or sustainability (D)
  • Experience of responding to breaking news stories and campaigns using the full range of media including social and digital media accounts (E)
  • Solid understanding and experience of media monitoring, and working with press clippings and media evaluation services (E)
  • Experience of managing other press officers or journalists or consultants (or  leadership of a team), and ensuring effective performance management of other staff  (D)
  • Experience of managing agencies to deliver integrated PR campaigns (D)
  • Experience of pitching and setting up press trips for journalists and celebrities, overseeing every aspect of the  trip and resulting output  (D)
  • Experience of representing an organisation on inter-agency panels and externally (D)
  • Experience of media crisis management, both UK and global (D)
  • Previous experience of budget development and management (D)
  • Experience of developing and maintaining relationships with high profile individuals and/or media partnerships with third parties (D)
  • Experience of supporting the development of funding proposals, and managing relationships and reporting to donors when required (D)
  • Experience of overseeing press office reporting and administration (E)
  • Experience of contracting and using media database and contact management systems (D)
  • Experience of working in a fast paced environment and having to be adaptable (E)

Knowledge/ Technical Skills

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills including the writing of press releases, press briefings, articles and reports, and demonstrated successful media sell-in skills (E)
  • Excellent project management skills, with the ability to coordinate and manage others in the development and delivery of projects or media campaigns (E)
  • Superb interpersonal negotiation and diplomatic skills, especially in dealing with journalists and the media, and for networking with press offices on joint campaigns and projects (E)
  • Excellent knowledge of the UK media landscape and understanding of current trends in media (E)
  • Good knowledge of social and digital media platforms (E)
  • Good working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Demonstrable negotiation and advocacy skills, with tact and diplomacy (E)
  • An understanding of the role of digital and social media for news management, media relations and PR campaign purposes (E)
  • Ability to speak Spanish (D)
  • Knowledge of and commitment to Fairtrade and development issues (D)


  • Passionate Commitment - having passion, dedication and proactively showing support for the work of the Foundation.  Contributing to a positive internal atmosphere and external perception of the Foundation.
  • Embracing Change - flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs.  It is about innovating, doing something new or differently.  It also involves welcoming creative ideas and solutions.
  • Working with Integrity - using a principled approach for every decision and action. Choosing to do the right thing even when it is difficult.
  • Leadership - taking a leadership role regardless of your rank within the hierarchy.  It involves acting with the Foundation’s vision in mind, being decisive and working for the good of the entire organisation and its mission.
  • Teamwork - working in a way which acknowledges the interdependence of people in your team and other teams.  It is also about effective cross-team project working.
  • Positive relationships - fostering and maintaining constructive and professional relationships with colleagues and external stakeholders.
  • Delivering results - achieving a high quantity of measurable results whilst maintaining, or even raising, quality of work.
  • Managing resources responsibly - managing the Foundation’s resources well.  It involves negotiating best value for the Foundation and ensuring the longevity of the organisation.
  • Information and Knowledge management - working in a way that values the gathering, management and sharing of information (facts and data) and knowledge (understanding gained through experience) of benefit to the Foundation.

Organisational Commitment

  • Knowledge of and commitment to Fairtrade, our values and development issues (E)
  • We want everyone to be ambassadors for the organisation and encourage staff & volunteers to speak at events which on occasion might be during evenings and weekends (E)
  • Commitment to our values: Action, Integrity, Respect, Challenge and Optimism (E)
  • At Fairtrade we are committed to the safeguarding and protection of children & vulnerable adults in our work. We will do everything possible to ensure that only those who are suitable to work within this environment are recruited to work for us (E)

Extra Details

Closing date: Monday 1 June (10am)

Interviews will take place wc 8 June remotely

Contract: Full time, Fixed term maternity cover 12 months

Job Title:                 Senior Media and Communications Manager

Reports to:              Head of Media and Communications

Staff Reporting:   Potential line management/shared line management for Media Officer and occasional volunteer or freelance management

Based at:                 5.7 The Loom, 14 Gower’s Walk, London, E1 8PY

Salary:                     £43,445 a year

Level:                       5

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