I would say that coaching and training is in my blood. Coming from a family of teachers, I remember aged sixteen offering to mentor new students to my high school; I liked the idea of being able to share knowledge and learnings to those who perhaps needed some more direction and inspiration.

Fast forward almost 20 years and I have now worked as a coach, trainer and lecturer across 3 different continents. My career started in retail and whilst my roles were initially more operational, my passion was always in training and motivating others. Moving into recruitment allowed me to identify this passion even more, where I have since thrived in understanding individuals on a deeper level, encouraging them to identify their key strengths and harness them effectively. There’s no bigger satisfaction than helping others become better versions of themselves.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in employee engagement and leadership, with a key focus on the health and wellness consumer industry. I have always been a keen learner and whilst I followed the academic route of acquiring an MSc and MBA, I am passionate about helping others identify various ways in which they can further develop themselves. Whether it be through traditional methods or via more modern, innovative ways, personal development and further learning has never come at a better time than now!

Like Michelle, working within the health and wellness sector allows me to do more of what I love. A keen runner, I have completed over 15 long distance races and recently, I completed an indoor rowing pursuit of over 400km in 30 days. Perhaps like me, you have an avid interest in fitness and want to explore ways in which you can combine your passions with a career in this sector? I would love to hear from you.


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