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About Sound Sanctum Group

Sound Sanctum Group is a collection of brands dedicated to healing and empowerment. These come in the form of: a record label producing songs imbued with healing frequencies, transformative one to one and group sessions, a conscious and alternative children’s activity group, and business programmes focused on leadership and purpose, with much more to come.

Our founders are Sasha Siem and Shani Lehrer.

Sasha Siem

Is an entrepreneur, healer, acclaimed musician and on the board of a family business. She is the founder of several businesses including the Holy World Foundation, a charity with the commitment to nudge our society towards world peace – both inside and outside us – through action to heal our individual and collective inner wounds and maintain personal and societal wellbeing. Following an education at St Paul’s girls’ school in London, a starred double first from Cambridge and a PhD from Harvard, Sasha went on to explore philosophy and metaphysics as well as the role of Spirit and healing in many cultures across the world.

Shani Lehrer

Is a business coach, healer and serial entrepreneur. She has built businesses in the fields of fashion, music, media and education all aligned with her vision for a world where everyone is shining their light. Shani has over two decades’ experience leading thousands of individuals into embodying their full potential, mastering their life and serving their purpose. She has worked with individuals from all walks of life ranging from world leaders to Olympic athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs. She shares both ancient wisdom and modern technologies of mind mastery, all designed to unleash human potential. Working in private sessions and venue settings, Shani serves as a conduit and guide to inspire and catalyse the unveiling of your inherent creative potential and its actualisation.

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London, United Kingdom

Sasha Siem, Shani Lehrer

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