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Welcome to More Life Adventures, or MLA for short. We’re a small fitness- and movement-oriented community with a mighty force to share our love of living life to the full.

We see retreats as a form of self-care and we believe that everybody needs a regular healthy escape. We retreat to learn, train, unwind, re-connect, discover, grow, laugh and love… the list goes on.

We welcome everyone from all over the world and we would love you to join us on our next adventure!

Your Host
Hello! I’m Stella, a Greek-born, former architect and personal trainer who came to London in my late teens so I could study and work in Architecture. My story is really pretty simple.

Back when I was studying, we were told that our job was ‘to solve the problems of the city’. Growing up in relatively safe surroundings, I had no clue what these problems were, but after 20 years of living in inner city London, I have now lived through most of them.

If I had to pick three that affected me the most, they would be:

The lack of movement
Feeling isolated and lonely
Losing sense of purpose
These issues aren’t unique to cities and on their own, might not be so impactful. It’s when they’re mixed together in the city environment that they can really start to kill our spirits.

After a decade working in commercial office architecture, I quit my job and started volunteering for a Christian charity to try and re-discover my purpose. It was during this time that I was inspired to revisit the dreams that I had left on vision boards in my twenties and so, More Life Adventures was born.

‘More Life’ because our retreats do just that – give you more life. And ‘Adventures’ because we don’t just retreat – we discover new places, new friendships, new skills, new movements and leave our comfort zone behind in the process.

I plan our experiences simply because I love to and it’s become clear to me now that I need them to survive and thrive. My aim is to give us access to the best movement coaching, real quality time to create proper connections, and ample opportunities to remember what’s important.

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London, United Kingdom

Stella Kamba

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