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MiiRO vegan ice cream

Always vegan, always healthier, always delicious. Treat yourself better with MiiRO!
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About MiiRO vegan ice cream

Say hello to feel good moments of indulgence. Our award-winning, moreish & healthier treats will make you melt and re-consider the idea that vegan ice cream can’t be as scrumptious as conventional choices!

At MiiRO, we carefully pick our ingredients to create the ultimate decadence that is also healthier for you, proving it’s possible to treat yourself better.

Our ice cream bars are coated in a thick, cracking chocolate made with raw cacao to retain all the natural nutrients. The ice cream inside is made with creamy coconut milk for a silky smooth texture and a deliciously fresh taste. Each ice cream bar is nutritionally balanced: they’re bolstered by tasty nuts, fortified with pea protein, packed with fibre and are naturally sweetened with coconut sugar and Italian grapes. Pure deliciousness for 178 calories per stick!

All our products are certified by the Vegan Society. Our ice creams are free from refined sugar, gluten, soya, preservatives and artificial flavourings.

Our promise is to offer treats that are always delicious, always healthier, and always vegan. Our mission of challenging the idea that vegan treats can’t be as yummy as conventional choices and that healthy & indulgent can’t go hand in hand, by offering the most delicious dairy-free and healthier ice creams

Join the sweet treats revolution!

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London, United Kingdom