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About FitXR

Redefining fitness through immersive technologies and prove that exercise is for everyone.

We create immersive fitness games that provide real-world benefits. Our professionally designed workouts make fitness fun. They combine the enjoyment of gaming with the intensity of a personal training session, all in the comfort of your own home.

Our first product, BoxVR, has been described as ‘Guitar Hero crossed with a studio boxing workout’.

Many users are calling it the best fitness game on the market and it has been awarded “VR Fitness Game of the Year”. BoxVR is currently one of the top selling games on the Oculus and Steam stores.

Our Story So Far

We believe physical activity is the secret to a happy and healthy lifestyle and games are the most effective way to get the most people active.

Inspired by group fitness classes, which blend music and movement to encourage total concentration, we saw an amazing opportunity to combine the mediums of fitness and gaming.

Our design and development teams, which collectively boast more than 60 years of video games industry experience, took up the challenge. The result is VR and AR experiences that enable you to get into a state of flow - an experience so compelling you won't even notice you’re working out.

Company Details

London, United Kingdom

Sam Cole and Sameer Baroova

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