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We provide bespoke clinical programmes combining exercise, nutrition and psychological support.
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About CP+R

CP+R® stands for Clinical Prevention and Rehabilitation. Put simply, we both prevent ill health and help people to successfully rehabilitate from illness.

We are experts in our field, providing bespoke clinical programmes that combine exercise, nutrition guidance, psychological support and professional friendship. Our service is underpinned by our sound scientific approach and delivered by our inspirational team of clinical exercise specialists and nurses.

We were founded to deliver private cardiac and cancer rehabilitation, offering a level of service unparalleled anywhere in London or the world. From these areas of expertise we have expanded to help anyone wanting to live longer better.

Our Key Values

At CP+R we value:

+     Empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
+     Relentless positivity – an unwavering ability to see hope, even in the face of adversity
+     Authenticity – being genuine in your aspirations and delivery
+     Friendship and teamwork – working proactively, positively and openly with your colleagues
+     Thirst for learning – a consistent desire to grow your knowledge and expertise
+     Meticulousness – showing great attention to detail and precision
+     Unique contribution – offering a unique skillset that contributes to our ‘team of experts’
+     Making it happen – relentless execution

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London, United Kingdom