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Empowering entrepreneurs, influencers & brands to create collections across Bodywear & Activewear
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About Bodywear Lab

This is a group structure that includes two businesses – Soon to launch Bodywear Lab and existing business London Contour Experts.

London Contour Experts – Founded in 2012, this British business, was created with the help of a small team of design disrupters and product technical experts, with the idea in mind to help make it easier for entrepreneurs, retailers and brands to innovate quality collections locally and control the production process through to shop floor. Over the years, we have developed a strong relationship with our customer globally to bring commercial collections to the market with a combination of ethical principles and exceptional design at the heart of the business. The founder – Nichole de Carle has been named and recognised on Lingerie Insights Powerlist, as the industry influencer and the talented team of experts and marketeers within the business have received exceptional consumer reviews for their hard work and success in design and product development.

Bodywear Lab – Is soon to launch as a sister company to London Contour Experts.  This business is a unique digital customisation platform to create Swimwear and Activewear collections. This next generation technology allows brands and influencers to be at the forefront of the design process, where they can create a range from an archive of commercial shapes, fabricate and personalise the branding to suit their customer.

In response to the booming wellness and luxury travel sectors, many established fashion brands are starting to test new categories especially across, swimwear, resort and activewear. Move than ever, people are leaving corporate jobs to follow their dreams of entrepreneurship, building out their hobbies or side hustles into profitable businesses. Bodywear Lab was established to help support this movement of successors.

This small, but well established business maintains it’s entrepreneurial ethos and employs skilled and creative people who appreciate purposeful work, have a growth mentality and a positive and kind team spirit.

Our Story So Far

We thought it might be interesting to share some of our current customer testimonials with you...

For a luxury brand, fit and finish are crucial. Finding an experienced team who can achieve a seamless finish or work with complex designs without compromising on fit, is hard to achieve.

“London Contour Experts understand our brand's minimal and seamless aesthetic, extremely technical in itself - our cutout designs and infused fabrics require the most experienced sewers. The seamlessly smooth fit is most important for Broochini and has become a signature for the brand which we are extremely proud of. The LCE team excel at producing complex and unique designs that look and feel beautiful to wear."

Elle Stephenson-Green, Owner & Creative Director, Broochini (

With the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp being valued as an assurance of quality, creativity and ethics, more businesses are realizing the opportunity of keeping their operations close to home.

“For our clients to know where our pieces are made and to achieve the quality we want to pass on, we believe this can only truly be achieved close to home. Having LCE at the end of the phone and tube line, not least in the same time zone, makes a huge difference to the way we run and ensures minimal amounts of stress involved in what can be quite a complex business.”

Laurie Nouchka, Founder & Creative Director, Laurie Nouchka (

Although we have the world at our fingertips with infinite possibilities, there is no substitute for someone at the end of the phone who has been through the process and understands each step involved in developing a luxury brand. This ethos sets London Contour Experts apart, enabling us to build strong and continued relationships with our clients.

“London Contour Experts communicate brilliantly through every design stage and work closely with me to deliver exactly what I need every time. They have a team of specialists under one roof so the sampling is efficient and cost effective. Nichole goes above and beyond, imparting valuable advice on all aspects of running a fashion business, not just the sampling and development stages.”

Amber Wyles, Founder and Creative Director, Maimie London (

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